Top 5 Hotels of Dubai

Dubai, with its gravity-defying skyscrapers and breathtaking desert surroundings, is a fascinating metropolis that fuses the past and the present to exhilarating effect and offers something for everyone. You can go on a shopping spree…

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Dubai Top 5 Restaurants to Bless Your Taste Buds

If you’re a frequent diner in Dubai, chances are you’ve tried a variety of the city’s cuisines. Dubai restaurants must be ahead of the game in order to keep us interested in an emirate full…

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Top 5 Business Trends for 2022

It’s undeniable: the future will continue to become more technologically dependent, with enormous repercussions for businesses around the world. Major issues, such as the pandemic and the climate crisis, are causing transformations in all industries….

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Fuel Prices are a Problem for Business and Consumers

The rise in fuel prices is unmistakable and at the forefront of customers’ minds, with billboards proclaiming that gas now costs $4, $5, or even more than $6 a gallon in certain areas. With gas…

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BTC Predictions: Bitcoin Could Hit $100,000 In 2022

Although Bitcoin has had a bumpy start to the year, analysts believe it will eventually reach $100,000 — and that it will be a matter of when, not if. Over the weekend, Bitcoin’s price surpassed…

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Benefits of Online Education

Online learning materials have sparked a change in classrooms across the board, from K-12 to postsecondary institutions. E-learning has become a great resource for educators and classroom teachers, enabling students to learn at their own…

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Best Websites For Students

You most likely have a list of websites where you go to watch your favourite show or express yourself. Without a doubt, social media and news platforms play important roles in our lives. Do you,…

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Business Degree Job Opportunities

There are two types of business degrees available. A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration is a four-year undergraduate degree in business administration. You can pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) after receiving your…

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Why Is The Stock Market Too Down Today?

As market players evaluated the broader ramifications of the Federal Reserve’s historic interest rate decision, the stock markets suffered massive losses on Thursday. As of midday, the Nasdaq was down more than 4 percent, while…

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What is BMI?

The body mass index (BMI) examines your height and weight to determine whether your weight is healthy. BMI is determined by dividing an adult’s weight in kilograms by their height in meters squared. Example: A…

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