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Want to purchase a new pig feeder? Want to stop looking for pig feeders every other day? It’s simply not your issue. Millions of pig caretakers are frequently observed searching for the best feeder for their animals.

Pig Feeder are typically required to teach pigs to eat in a controlled manner and occasionally with a purpose to permit them to eat at their discretion. Additionally, pig feeders are purchased to cut down on feed waste.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the pig keepers typically do not have many alternatives.

Despite having fewer alternatives, it can still be challenging to choose just one feeder due to a variety of factors.

My pig was getting into the nasty habit of sticking his lips into whatever dish or container he could. Last week, I was determined to locate a suitable feeding pot to teach him to eat from it.

I had the opportunity to learn a lot about pig feeders while also locating the ideal feeding container. I thus decided to compile it all in one article. I had to decide between these hog feeders:

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Best Reviews for Pig Feeder

  • Ware Manufacturing 5-Inch Sifer Pet Feeder With Lid • Bower 11H Single Door Supplement Hog Feeder • Behlen Country Four Feet Feed Trough • Little Giant Piglet Feeder • Bower Galvanized Steel Animal Feeder • Little Giant Heavy Duty Mountable Plastic Fence Feeder
  1. A hog feeder

Since over ten years ago, The Brower has provided livestock caretakers with adaptable feeding and watering equipment. It is a top manufacturer of feeding and watering equipment due to its high level of quality, dependability, and user-friendly design.

The 16-gauge sturdy feeder is made to endure harsh weather conditions and pig mistreatment. Up to 20 big pigs may be fed using the four holes and the seven-bushel feed capacity.

The cover may be set to automatically close when the feed is full thanks to the adjustable feed slide. Additionally, there are several alternative possibilities for feeding and watering locally raised poultry, as well as beef cattle, sheep, dairy, swine, and eggs.


  • Provides several options for feeding and watering
  • Suitable for well-grown hogs, large, free-acting, automated closing, sturdy construction that withstands harsh weather conditions and hog damage, and four feed apertures


  • Received some unfavorable feedback
  • Does not come assembled
  1. Four-foot Behlen Country Feed Trough

To offer customers value-added customer pleasure with their diverse items, Behlen Country Store was founded in 1936. This well-thought-out trough allows the cattle easy access to feed while also making refilling less strenuous. The four-inch-tall, multi-use steel feed trough is made to be used for both feeding and watering.

It may also be utilized for a variety of different livestock possibilities because of its adaptable architecture. It has a capacity of 5 gallons of water and 8-12 liters of feed. The Behlen feeding trough is substantial and resilient enough to withstand hog abuse without moving. It can be used to feed sheep, goats, deer, pigs, and piglets; however, it is too tall for hens.

Advantages: It may be used as a waterer; it is heavy enough to stay put; it is simple to clean and refill; it is appropriate for both miniature and full-grown pigs.


  • Has no cover; • Can rust after a few months of usage; • Needs repainting

Little Giant Piglet Feeder, number 3.

Little Giant Piglet Feeder is designed to meet modest requirements. It’s an efficient pot for cleaning and refilling thanks to the open feeding trough.

For those seeking a high-quality pig feeder at a reasonable cost, the small gigantic piglet feeder is a great option.

The pig farmer has complete control thanks to the adjustable feed flow.

“Missing shelter” is the one disadvantage that many pig caretakers have noticed. Weather conditions might cause the feed to become wet or moist.


  • Three feeding portions
  • Variable flow
  • Cost-effective, long-lasting, and suitable for chickens, rabbits, pigeons, etc.


  • Only suitable for young piglets AD
  • I have no cover

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