Benefits of admission management system for parents

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admission management system

“Education is the key to success.” This popular quote is not without reason, since by being educated and skilled, the opportunities you can access in life are multiplied. Most of the great thinkers of the world are highly educated individuals and are a great source of motivation for those pursuing higher studies.

As more and more parents across the world choose to educate their children to ensure a better standard of living for them, the education and academic system has become a booming industry in its own right. However, with the recent pandemic, schooling as we know it has taken a new form. While before a more traditional method of teaching and learning was used, now it is all about technology.

In the plethora of tools and computer software available, an Edutech tool that steals the spotlight is the student admission management system. Known as AMS in short, this tool is a great investment for one of the largest benefactors of the education industry- parents.

What benefits can parents get from an online admission system?

As parents, a part of the duty you take on is to ensure your child can go to the best institution of their choice. The AMS can be a very useful tool for parents, once you know about the major benefits and reasons why schools and colleges provide it.

Send resumes and applications to multiple institutions

When it is time to get into a college or school of your choice, parents may face a lot of confusion since different institutions have different deadlines for sending in applications. What’s more, they might also require different documents, and ask you questions specific to the syllabus the institution will provide for the chosen subject.

With the help of an AMS, you can consolidate and collate all the educational institutions of your choice and access them through a singular platform.

Check whether you fit the bill

In today’s day and age, each college or school has its own set of accolades that an applicant must fulfill. Apart from good grades and certificates from co-curricular activities, institutions may also be filtering applications by searching through keywords and picking only the ones that have them. These keywords can range from quite obvious such as “time management” and “leadership” to not-so-common ones such as “fluent in Spanish” and “knowledge seeking”.

Keeping up with these requirements can become an overwhelming task, but fortunately, one that the student admission management system helps simplify in a jiffy. By entering the name of your chosen institution you can look up their list of requirements and any statistics that have favored past applicants. Since the system uses an automatic selection process, you can check which colleges or schools may accept your child’s application with every new keyword you add.

Apply from multiple devices, from wherever you want

Gone are the days when parents had to stand in long lines to pick up forms, only to come back the next day and stand in a line again to submit them. While many steps of the educational application process have been simplified and digitized, the online admission management system takes it a step further. With this tool, parents can now apply from whatever device they have nearby- even their smartphone.

Using your smartphone means you don’t have to waste time and cloud space transferring documents to your computer. You can be on your daily commute, or on the way for a summer trip while applying your child’s name for the institution of their choice.

Track your application status on the go

After you are done applying, waiting for your name on the enrollment list is the next big milestone to wait for. As you can imagine, parents feel a lot of stress while counting down to the big reveal. It comes as no surprise that you would want to track your application to check its status.

Well, good news, an admission management system can also help you in this aspect. With this tool, you can check for new notices, and ensure that the application fee paid at different institutions has proceeded for all. Since you can open any admission portal from one consolidated platform- that is the AMS itself, keeping track even while being on the go, is super simple.

Reduce costs from paperwork

Taking the entire process online, means you don’t have to waste time and money getting documents and applications printed out. Paperwork can also take up an increasing amount of space, which could have been used to store other valuable things.


The student admission process can be hard- don’t skip out on using an admission management system to help you through it. Remember, an institution that uses such tools that benefit parents is an institution you want to send your child to!

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