7 ways to market your school student council campaign

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7 ways to market your school student council campaign

Running a student council campaign for your school is the most awaited aspect of senior year. Students look up to continuing the legacy left by their senior batches and enjoy the perks of being a senior by controlling school affairs. Campaigning for your role is the fun part of running for a position on the student council. The enthusiasm for standing up for the voice of students is what creates the school spirit.

However, building a successful campaign and not falling into the zone of monotony and repetitiveness is a real struggle. Hence, this article will save your year with the newest and most effective strategies to market your school student council campaign successfully.

Understanding the role

The ground for running a successful student council campaign understands the responsibilities of that leadership position. It is recognizing the impact one would have on the school and being aware of the expectations of students.

Whether you are running for president, events secretary, or treasurer, have the determination to strive for it. Willingness to bring a change reflects in one’s thoughts, and for people to believe in you, students must see you are a perfect fit. Your personality must align with the role you are planning to take.

To identify your fit—you can peek through yourself. What interests you? What are your goals in the future? For example, if you plan to go to business school in the future—you can be a treasurer and manage the finances of the student council. Otherwise, if you are a popular party kid at school, run for events secretary and give your school the most memorable events.

Building up a team

Every successful campaign came together with the efforts of a single person. Hence, ensure that you have a team of supporters that can help you pull a win. They can be your friends, juniors, and close acquaintances who want to see you make it big. They will validate you as a leader and help you convince others.

Creating a strategy and slogan

With your team, strategize your plan of action. Organize your schedule, such as setting up dates and timings for putting up flyers, holding promotional events and rallies, and preparing an impactful speech.

Create catchy slogans to captivate students’ interest in you and put up posters around the school with that slogan. Making a memorable slogan is tricky. Include alliterations, assonance (repetition of the sound of vowels), and the use of famous references. Remember, the best slogans help evoke emotion that benefits your campaign and makes it legendary.

Creating interactive marketing material

The moving step in your campaign is creating compelling marketing material highlighting your message. Create logos and print them with your slogan on posters, flyers, and banners to spread throughout the school. Marketing material is a pivotal factor in a successful council campaign. It must be relevant, simple, and straight to the point.

The designing part of the poster is made convenient with the numerous customizable campaign poster templates available online. They provide the perfect designing tools, templates, color palettes, drag-and-drop, and picture-uploading options. Through which anyone can come up with an interactive poster for their campaign.

Finding a target audience

To create an influence, you must find your target audience. If you are going for president, your target audience must include the whole school. No group or club should feel dissociated and discriminated against because, as a president, you must make sure you speak for everyone.

However, if there is a cause you also want to stand up for, reach out to the right audience and group, so they relate to you and trust you for standing up for them.


Another factor in campaigning is networking. Make sure you and your team increase popularity by reaching out to everyone in school. Interact with students and listen to what they want from their future leaders. Understand their concerns and promise to represent them.

Voters will appreciate it if their president or student relations liaison takes out time for them. Even if you don’t agree with all their terms, don’t discredit them and respect their opinions. Always remember what you stood up for so you can build a name.

Social media marketing

Social media is the ground-breaking factor in this socially-driven generation. Your social media marketing should be top-notch. Try to think out of the box for creating eye-catching and viral social media posts, reels, and bangers. If you are running for social media secretary, this is your time to shine. Be different from your opponent’s course of action. For example, hold a live Q&A session, a rap battle, or a diss track. But keep in mind that the competition remains healthy. Another thing you can do is ask a social media influencer to give you a shout-out and let the whole school talk about it.

Always remember, it’s a student council election campaign, and winning or losing is a part of life. So stay chill and make the best memories that you can back and laugh about while sipping tea in the future.

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