Alternatives to Jungle Scout to Discover Your Amazon Product Niche

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Alternatives to Jungle Scout

You must conduct a product search to determine what to sell before you can begin to earn a fortune by selling your goods on Amazon. You don’t want to start selling any old goods, after all. To ensure that the things you choose will be top sellers; you should carefully select the products you’ll offer on Amazon. If they don’t sell well, you won’t get the earnings you deserve. You need to pick the proper products while stocking inventory if you run your own Amazon business and handle all of the chores yourself. The same is true when beginning an Amazon FBA private label brand because the products you choose are a crucial component of your business. Affiliate marketers for Amazon must also be aware of the best keywords and top products and below is the list of best apps like jungle scout:

  1. Semrush

SEMrush is useful for more than simply competitive and keyword research. It can be used to find Amazon keyword suggestions. For Amazon research, the Keyword Magic tool is your best option, but you can also optimize your blog using a full toolkit.

Enter the keywords in the Keyword Magic tool after gathering your keyword seed list from popular Google pages and Amazon searches. If you’re selling dollar collars, for example, you can enter that information into the program to get a list of extra keywords to base your listing optimization on.

Multiple indicators, such as search traffic, cost per click, competition, and more, are provided by the Keyword Magic tool. You may quickly and easily identify the perfect keywords to improve your listings thanks to this.

  1. Helium 10

With the more than a dozen tools available with Helium 10, Amazon sellers can quickly learn about different product categories and choose the most lucrative product niches to sell in. Helium 10 is a versatile online research tool to employ, from the product research you do when you initially decide to launch an Amazon business to the keyword research you’ll eventually need to do to drive traffic to your Amazon store.

Xray is another property of Helium 10. Amazon sellers can keep a close check on the market while they peruse Amazon listings and learn more about prospective product possibilities thanks to the Helium 10 Chrome plugin Xray. The same marketplaces described for Black Box also apply to Xray when you use it.

  1. AMZScout

AMZScout, a different option to Jungle Scout, provides a web app and a browser plugin to assist you in finding goods to sell on Amazon. You may uncover profitable products to offer, spot developing trends, confirm your possible niche choice, check out what other Amazon sellers are doing, and forecast future competition with the help of AMZScout. Additionally, the data from AMZScout makes it simple to see the outcomes. You are not required to believe what they say. You have access to a lot of data to review.

The outcomes will be supported by data, including trends, historical information, and in-depth analytics. Additionally, AMZScout’s sales projections are remarkably accurate. This is important. Sales projections enable you to determine the likely profitability of a product and help you choose whether to take the risk and purchase that specific type of inventory or choose something else.

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