12-Seater Van Rental In Houston With A Driver

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Houston Mercedes sprinter transportation

Houston Texas is a famous city in America with a big population. There are large oil drilling companies, big business firms and many more so the officials of these companies have to travel a lot from one city to another or from one country to another country to attend meetings. People who wish to make a weekend beautiful and remarkable by exploring their city need some reliable car service that is luxurious and safe.

For reliable and safe transport that fulfils your requirements and for business & group travelling houston mercedes sprinter transportation. we have a large number of black cars, vans and buses. Here we discuss 12 passenger van rental service in Houston Texas, why the 12-seater van rental is good? And all other aspects related to it.

What Is 12 Seater Sprinter Van?

A 12-seater passenger van rental is a spacious minivan used for transportation of large families or groups of people and with a big amount of luggage. The 12-seaters van renal has sliding doors, and a big luggage compartment, which can be increased due to adjustment of the passenger seats.

Transformation mechanism, which is typical of this type of vehicle, sometimes the same type of the cars and vans, may be allocated to 10, 11 and even 12-seater minivans at a time.

What 12-Seater Van Rental Should I Choose In Houston Texas With A Driver?

Every driver has his preferences regarding a passenger van rental. Some of them loves driving Toyota vehicles, while others like Asian companies like Ford or Kia.Anyway, it’s always good when you chose a houston mercedes sprinter transportation with a chuaffeure not only for the price but also for your desires.

We will 100% find your favourite model and provider because it collaborates with all companies available in Houston Texas. This means a whole list of limousines to choose from will be always in front of your eyes.

Ways To Hire A Cost-Effective Sprinter Van Rental With A Chauffeur

Ways To Hire A Cost-Effective Sprinter Van Rental With A Chauffeur

  • Advance booking, i.e. at least 6-10 days earlier than the expected trip.
  • If you want to reserve at a low price, book your passenger van rental on weekdays
  • Booking a complete fleet of luxury van rental will save a lot of your money
  • Don’t forget to look at nearby pickup points, because the prices for similar 12-seater cars can vary.
  • Compare offers from several service providers at once so that your choice is the most cost-effective from a financial point of view.
  • Always check our website for discount rates, as sometimes we allow you to book the preferred car 10-20% cheaper.
  • Make a long-term deal as a weekly rental service will be more profitable than reserving for 3-4    and 4-5 days.

Features Of Passenger Van Rental With A Driver

Proper air condition

All of our vehicles are the latest models and they have top quality-performance air conditioning options available in all our vehicles. Roof ac is a great cooling system available only in diesel vans. Heaters are also available for the winter season.


There are a total of 15 passengers seating capacity available and you can place your suitcase and luggage in and on the seats eaisly without facing any difficulty during the whole journey. The area inside the van is very beautiful.

The roof height is also good and an average person easily stands in our vans. Our vans have also extra space for head extension and leg extension, one can feel relaxed. We have a great number of repeat clients because our services increase the customer’s trust in our company.

Internet and radio facility

Good wifi connection connects our customers with the whole world which is available in our sprinter van rentals throughout the drive. A person cuts off from the whole world without an internet connection. You can easily watch your favourite movies, download Netflix series, news channels and your favourite songs.

You can also watch offline movies, series and songs which is already downloaded.You can also listen to your favourite radio channels throughout the journey. You can listen to news, songs, and shows. You can also change the channels and select your desired radio channel.

Online reservation

You can book our 15-seater passenger van rental online at any time from any place all over the country. Our office and online services are available 24 hours a day and you can reserve your required van anytime when you wish. Once you travel with a group of your fellows, colleagues or friends in sprinter van rental, you will surely love our service and come again in future.

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(local)       713-834-5320

Address  3819 Buffalo Speedway #1102, Houston, TX 77098


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