The 7 Best Baking Ovens in Pakistan, Priced

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Baking Ovens

You may compare and contrast the many baking ovens in Pakistan using this list of the top 10, which will make it simpler for you to select the finest baking oven for your needs and budget.

We’ll talk about the top seven bake oven manufacturers in Pakistan today to provide you with the best bakery oven info.

  1. SECO
  2. Dawlance
  3. Kenwood
  4. Anex
  5. Orient
  6. LG
  7. Fotile

Baking Oven SECO

Pakistan may buy baking ovens under the SECO import brand. It’s an excellent option when you don’t want to spend a lot of money because it has a huge electric convection bake oven, a toaster, and fair pricing. The 80-liter size of this SECO electric oven is a bonus, and the greatest part is that it produces the best baking results for your meals. And the price of an electric oven from SECO is 21,500 PKR.


Anywhere in your kitchen can have a built-in bake oven installed if you’re looking for one. You may choose from any of the built-in bake ovens, but we advise purchasing the Dawlance electric oven since it has a variety of styles, numerous features, and versatility.

The lowest price for a Dawlance bake oven in Pakistan is Rs. 37,500, while the projected average price for built-in ovens is Rs. 53,000.


With 60 years of commitment, Kenwood has developed an unrivaled core competency in the technology and abilities necessary for food preparation. A firm hot plate and a 30L capacity are features of the KENWOOD electric oven.

Any type of food may be toasted, grilled, baked, roasted, or baked. In a coordinated gas-fired stove, radiation from the blazes (lace burners placed over and under the broiler band), beat, base, and prepared chamber walls are mostly responsible for the heat exchange.

They are incredibly efficient since they use the majority of the energy to warm and prepare the food, which reduces fuel consumption and labor expenses.


Because Anex baking is very affordable and produces the greatest results for your recipe, it is well known in Pakistan. This can be a wonderful option if you’re searching to get the greatest bake oven.

Baking Oven Anex AG-3079 220-240 Volt 50-60 Hz 2200 Watts

Features: A lengthy warranty is provided. Elegantly designed tall control stove with temperature adjustable thermostat from 100C to 250C. Comfortable warm operating switch for adjustable heating. Clock with chime and 120-minute programming that is off.

Stainless steel warming element and control board. The front panel has the power-on light pointer. Convection fan and rotisserie with internal light. You may use the large interiors for BBQ, flame broiling, preparation, broiling, toasting, rolls, pizza, Frankfurters, and treats to defrost frozen items.

Food preparation and serving are made easier with the removable rotisserie and scrap plate. It installed a burning gas as an energy source to warm the inside chamber and the contents. The price in Pakistan for the AG-3079 Anex bake oven is 21,499 PKR.


The 23-liter Orient Orient bake oven comes with a Pasta 23D Grill and an official warranty. 23 liters of various sorts of ovens for baking pasta are available from Orient. The cost of a microwave oven in black is Rs. 16,499. 23 liters of Orient Roast 23D Solo offering. With its official warranty, the Roast Microwave Oven Grill costs Rs. 15,499. Black 30D Grill Microwave Oven with Official Warranty from Orient Cake.


Pakistan is one of the nations where LG Electronics is active. Their bake ovens come equipped with features including cooker plates and burners (Burner Size 90x60cm). Features Removable door glass, dual heating, rotisserie grilling, catalytic cleaning, and flame failure Measurements Device Color Stainless Steel 600mm deep, 900mm wide, and 850mm high. They have a versatile bake oven since they may be used for both baking and grilling.


The Fotile brand is well-known for its contemporary looks and functional versatility when it comes to built-in bake ovens in Pakistan. However, compared to other bake oven costs offered in Pakistan, it’s a little on the pricey side.

The Fotile Built-in Oven has 7 Functions, Automatic Power Off, and Simple Mechanical Control. It is made of Stainless Steel. 56 liters in volume. Depending on the model you choose, the price of a fotile electric bake oven in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 79,499 to 1 lac plus.

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