Kitchen Laminate Trending Textures You Should Know

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Kitchen Laminate

There is no argument against the fact that the kitchen is the hub of activities. It is the heart and one of the busiest parts of the home. The way you design it speaks a lot about your class, character, and personality. The more elegant it is, the more value it will add to the property. While upgrading it, you need to pay equal attention to all surfaces, from cabinets to kitchen tops and doors to floors and walls. Missing out on anything will result in compromised decor. You might need different surface finishes and materials to give your kitchen the coveted feel and appearance.

However, if you go with laminate sheets, an affordable yet aesthetic solution to your varied surfacing needs in homes and commercial spaces, you bring luxury home. With them selected, you do not need to negotiate for high-priced materials, such as marbles, woods, granites, ceramics, and wallpapers for modern kitchen decor.

A trendy laminate design can elevate the mood of your kitchen and contribute to the overall décor of the place you call your home. A wide variety of kitchen laminates is available to let you create inspirational designs. With laminates, patterns, textures, finishes, and colour choices are endless, which helps you make your kitchen look more personalized and exclusive.

Laminate sheets have gained immense popularity among modern homeowners for they are durable, economical, versatile, and stunning. They are the perfect surfacing solution for kitchen makeovers. They allow you to bring any theme and décor idea to the surface without costing an arm and a leg. Further in the blog, we will discuss trending kitchen laminate textures.

  • Solid colour laminates

Colours play a vital role in our life. They can swing moods, evoke emotions, and have soothing effects on the mind. Therefore, the thumb rule while designing a kitchen is to choose beautiful colours.

Solid coloured laminates are a popular choice for modular kitchen designs. The latest trends entail incorporating solid colours in your laminate design for an extra pinch of aesthetics and style. Some popular colours for the kitchen makeover include grey, red, blue, and yellow. For contemporary decor, you may use a single solid coloured laminate or mix and match two or more.

  • Matte finish laminates

Matte finish laminates are another popular choice to create a more nuanced look and muted appearance. Since they defuse light falling on the surface, they create a rich ambiance and leave soothing effects.

Matte finish laminates are ideal for creating distinctive themes that require different textures. They replicate natural surfaces of stones, wood, fabrics, leather, metal, and much more. While they are easy to clean, scratches and blemishes are also not visible on the surface.

  • Stone finish laminates

Surfaces like floors, walls, and kitchen tops call for stone finish laminates for modern interior decor. Therefore, more and more interior designers and homeowners choose stone finish laminates to design their kitchen interiors.

Stone finish laminates replicate marble, granite, ceramic, and stones and are equally ideal for interior and exterior applications.

  • Wood finish laminates

Wood finish laminate are by far the choicest surfacing material for furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, and modular kitchens. These laminate sheets come in numerous shades and can replicate various textures of natural wood.

They are exponentially popular among people seeking wood finish for their kitchen decor at affordable prices. Wood laminates are easy to clean and resistant to scratches. They do not require polishing and sanding as solid wood does. Plus, they are highly durable and can last for years after installation without incurring wear and tear. The best thing is that they can match any kitchen design and style. These features make them ideally preferable for modern kitchen designs.

  • Textured laminates

Another trend kitchen laminate on the list is textured laminate. These sheets come printed with various eye-catching patterns that uplift interior decor.

In recent years, textured laminates have become one of the most preferred laminates for kitchen designs. These laminate sheets are prevalent because they make the cabinets, walls, and floor feel realistic and stunning. They allow you to create eye-catching designs and themes to match your home decor.

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