Can you overcharge an electric longboard?

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Can you overcharge an electric longboard

You have purchased a brand-new electric longboard and are eager to tear through the city streets. However, it would help if you first charged your battery before riding a spree. You’llYou’ll find some advice on maintaining and keeping your battery in top shape in this post. Your battery will start taking care of you if you treat it carefully. In this article, you will get everything about how you overcharge an electric longboard.

Tips for keeping your electric longboard battery in good condition.

  • Please fully charge the battery before using it for the first time.
  • The range will vary the few times you use the board, so don’t worry about it. Its range is probably cut in half or less. This is necessary for calibrating the fuel gauge on your controller.
  • You must fully charge and drain your battery during the first 5-7 cycles. This will hasten calibration and assist in using the whole operational range on your battery.
  • After use, always recharge the battery! After the first 5-7 cycles, the battery must be recharged after riding, regardless of whether you are entirely or merely half exhausted.


  • Never submerge your battery—that isn’t very reasonable. The battery is not waterproof, despite what the manufacturer claims.
  • When riding your board, never expose your connection. Your battery might be shorted out by dust.
  • Never puncture, short, or open your battery.
  • Never let your battery become too hot, especially near a fire.
  • Do not ever unplug the connection.

Battery Safety and Charging

Lithium-ion batteries, also used in computers and mobile phones, are most often utilized in electric skateboards. You must use caution since the liquid in these batteries is combustible.

The battery should never be charged overnight or for a more extended period than recommended. It should take around two hours on average. Never leave it alone while charging; never put a broken battery in a charger.

Always wait an hour for it to cool down before connecting it to the charger. As soon as it is finished charging, unhook the charger from the socket and the skateboard and keep it away from anything that might catch fire.

Battery care

We advise keeping the battery indoors while not in use in temperatures below ten °C. At zero degrees and -15 degrees Celsius, the battery might lose 20% and 40% of its capacity, respectively. Run the battery almost empty now and again, but avoid doing so since it might harm the batteries.

Batteries should be charged between 50 and 70 percent when placed in long-term storage, such as over the winter. This will ensure that the battery lasts as long as feasible. It’s time to charge if the battery indicator indicates that perhaps the battery is empty.

How long does the battery last on an electric longboard?

A Li-Ion battery (standard battery) will endure for 300–1000 charge cycles before losing 80–90% of its capacity, provided the board and battery are properly maintained. In other words, if you use your electric longboard every day, the battery should last between one and three years.

Final Conclusion

An electric skateboard may be fully charged anywhere between two and five hours. Battery type affects how long it takes to charge. Never let your battery become too hot, especially near a fire. Do not ever unplug the connection. Never skate with your battery disconnected since, if your electric longboard features regenerative braking, water might enter the connector and cause your system to overheat.

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