Bonus Materials for the Book of Darkness on Major Playground Toto

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It does not make sense that two of the메이저놀이터 symbols that give the highest payouts and two of the symbols that offer the medium payouts are the ones that offer rewards for two of a kind. The animations in the Book of Darkness slot game are another component that can baffle players. When a book, huntress, or dark wizard symbol lands on a pay line, it will start an animation whenever that symbol appears.


This may lead you to believe that you have won or triggered a bonus feature, even when neither has occurred.

The Book of Darkness

The Book of Darkness online slot machine메이저놀이터 has a limited number of ways players can activate the bonus features. We will go over those right now to help you clear any confusion that may have arisen.

Only when you have already triggered the Clash for Power bonus feature will you be able to access the Shadowform bonus feature and use it.


In this review of the Book of Darkness slot machine, we explain each bonus feature in detail. Let’s begin with the feature with the fewest moving parts, which is the free spins choice.

The symbol for the Book of Darkness is one of a kind since it serves two functions in the game: a scatter symbol and a wild symbol.

It can stand in for any other symbol, including the witch hunter and the evil sorcerer. There is only one single exception to this rule.

It is impossible to use this symbol in place of the huntress or the dark wizard in the sequence required to activate the Clash for Power bonus.

You can also win free spins and rewards for scatter symbols whenever the book symbol appears on the reels three or more times. This triggers the bonus feature. They don’t have to be in the same position on a pay line for you to be eligible for the free spins or the bonuses.

The total amount of book symbols

  • 3 4 5
  • Payout for scattering
  • 2x 20x 200x
  • The total number of free spins
  • 10 15 20

These free spins come with an additional function that will assist you in accumulating even more payouts than you would have otherwise. Before the free spins begin, the pages of the book will open to a page that is chosen at random.

You’ll find one of the Book of Darkness slot game symbols on the page you’re looking at now. It might be any symbol besides the book on its own.

When you are awarded free spins, an expanded version of the symbol that the book lands on will be used. When you have three or more of that symbol on the reels, it will expand to cover the entire reel vertically and take over the game.

You will be eligible for additional payments due to the expanded symbols because you will have numerous instances of the same symbol over different pay lines.

The free spins function is beneficial because it is simple to activate and provides huge potential for players to win money. We could not activate this feature during our work on this review of the Book of Dark slot machine.

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