Advance to the future of the automotive industry with a Hybrid electric vehicle course

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Advance to the future of the automotive industry with a Hybrid electric vehicle course

The past few years have observed a rapid emergence of hybrid electric vehicles. With the ability to meet stringent emission standards and address the pertinent environmental and energy concerns, these electric vehicle manufacturing has doubled and is on an uprising scale. The rapid growth of the industry created a huge buzz with the demand for Hybrid Electric Vehicle design engineers. This course aims to cater to the growing demands of the hybrid electric vehicle industry. This course trains you on all essential engineering concepts and tools used by the original equipment manufacturer for designing hybrid electric vehicles.

The Best HEV Course In Chennai is curated to provide you with advanced knowledge and hands-on experience in the design, analysis, control, and calibration of engines. A hybrid electric vehicle uses both a conventional IC engine and an electric propulsion method. These are eco-friendly and also have a regenerative braking system. Let us take an insight into the future of the automotive industry.

Who should take the hybrid electric vehicle course?

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle course is mainly curated for mechanical and automobile engineering aspirants interested in designing and knowing about the functioning of a hybrid electric vehicle. Let us have a look at the following type of candidates who can take up this course:

  • Mechanical engineers with relevant working experience are looking to switch careers in the hybrid electric vehicle domain.
  • Automobile engineers who wish to enrich their careers in the automotive industry can enhance their skills with the current market requirement.

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle design and analysis course are also popular. This is one of the most enrolling courses in which one learns about hybrid electric vehicle design fundamentals, the design of battery module systems, and control systems. The design and development of different architectures of cars existing in various car segments. This course helps one in developing well-designed parts that keep people safe while commuting. This course covers concepts of the aerodynamics of automobiles which are implemented to reduce drag and wind noise.

The modules of these courses cover concepts that simulate flow in a system, such as superchargers, cabin-interior, after-treatment systems, turbochargers etc.

What are the skills you will learn in the Hybrid Electric Vehicle course?

After completing this course, there are numerous skills that one will be able to enhance. Let us have a look at the same:

  • Apply core mechanical engineering concepts to design hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Incorporate the use of software for performing the multi-body dynamic simulation.
  • Compute intrusion length and energy distribution path.
  • Use LS-DYNA for finite element analysis.
  • Understand different constraints while designing the body in white components.
  • Create a computational domain for turbo-machinery simulations.
  • Employ steady and constraint solvers to accomplish the result.
  • Understand the core physical models such as turbulence and cavitation modelling.

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle industry is the future of the automotive industry, and one must accomplish all the necessary skill sets which are required for the industry. This course provides you with a competitive advantage over other candidates. This course helps one to become a hybrid electric vehicle engineer, hybrid and electric vehicle design engineer, CAE engineer, CFD engineer, FEA design engineer, etc.

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